Texas Panhandle Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers utilize their life experience and skills to answer the call of their neighbors in need. Volunteering is intended to promote goodness or to improve the quality of life for both the volunteer, as well as for the person or community served. Volunteering allows seniors the opportunity to use their talents and experiences to enrich the lives of others in meaningful ways.

The local program, sponsored by Panhandle Community Services, began in July 1973 and initially served Potter and Randall counties. The program now serves 12 counties including Armstrong, Carson, Collingsworth, Deaf Smith, Donley, Gray, Hutchinson, Moore, Ochiltree, Potter, Randall, and Swisher.

Who Volunteers?

Anyone age 55 years and older can be an RSVP volunteer!

Benefits of Volunteering

All RSVP volunteers are covered by personal injury and liability insurance. Volunteers are also covered by excess automobile liability insurance which covers claims incurred in connection with program-related volunteer work.  
RSVP Volunteers receive recognition for their service to their communities at annual recognition events.

RSVP Advisory Council

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is a community-based project. As such, there must be a real sense of local ownership and a spirit of partnership among the community and its partner organizations. The RSVP Advisory Council is a core group of individuals that provides broad representation geographically throughout the Texas Panhandle non-profit organizations, RSVP volunteers, and other interested community members. These individuals demonstrate their dedication to volunteerism as well as being a strong resource for the Program Director, Staff, and Sponsoring Agency—Panhandle Community Services. 
The RSVP Advisory Council consists of 12 members. The council meets six times per year to provide support, direction, and active participation with RSVP and its programs.  

Additionally, the RSVP Advisory Council:
  • Co-sponsors annual RSVP Volunteer Recognition banquets with RSVP staff
  • Annually assesses RSVP program performance
  • Helps to promote RSVP in the community
  • Helps to secure local funding and identify new funding sources
  • Provides ongoing advice to RSVP Staff as needed

Funding for the RSVP program comes from the Corporation for National and Community Service and is part of the Senior Corps program. Local contributions help RSVP to expand their programming.  


RSVP can help current volunteers find a new, exciting position or help those who want to volunteer and don’t know where to find an opportunity to serve. Whatever the senior’s need, volunteering with RSVP is the perfect choice.

To apply as a volunteer, go to the VOLUNTEER BUTTON and complete the application. Or you can call the RSVP office at 806-373-8389 or email  

What is the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program?
The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) provides supports qualified agencies and organizations for the dual purpose of: engaging persons 55 and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; and to provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers.

Who is eligible to be a RSVP volunteer?

To be an RSVP volunteer, an individual must:
  • Be 55 years of age or older;
  • Agree to serve without compensation;
  • Reside in or nearby the community served by RSVP;
  • Agree to abide by all requirements as set forth in this part.
 Eligibility to serve as a RSVP volunteer shall not be restricted on the basis of formal education, experience, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap or political affiliation.

What are the terms of service of a RSVP volunteer?
A RSVP volunteer shall serve weekly on a regular basis, or intensively on short-term assignments consistent with the assignment description


A volunteer station shall undertake the following responsibilities in support of RSVP volunteers:
  • Develop volunteer assignments that impact critical human and social needs, and regularly assess those assignments for continued appropriateness;
  • Assign staff member responsible for day to day oversight of the placement of RSVP volunteers within the volunteer station and for assessing the impact of volunteers in addressing community needs;
  • Obtain a Letter of Agreement for an RSVP volunteer assigned in-home. The Letter of Agreement shall comply with all Federal, State and local regulations;
  • Keep records and prepare reports as required;
  • Comply with all applicable civil rights laws and regulations including reasonable accommodation for RSVP volunteers with disabilities; and
  • Provide assigned RSVP volunteers the following support:
  • Undertake such other responsibilities as may be necessary to the successful performance of RSVP volunteers in their assignments or as agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Orientation to station and appropriate in-service training to enhance performance of assignments;
  • Resources required for performance of assignments including reasonable accommodation;
  • Supervision while on assignment;
  • Appropriate recognition; and
  • Provide for the safety of RSVP volunteers assigned to it.


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