Families in the Texas Panhandle are strong, resourceful and resilient. The Family Development Program will provide families with the support and encouragement needed to build on the strengths they already have.  

Current research shows that to break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient, a family needs multiples services over a long period of time, supported by qualified staff that can act as teacher, mentor and advocate.

The Family Development Program is based on this research. This is not a crisis intervention or emergency fund program, but a long-term (three (3) to five (5) years) self-development initiative aimed at assisting families to becoming self-sufficient.

The program is family-driven and encompasses the entire family unit. The process will include creating a set of family-wide goals, identifying and overcoming barriers, and charting a clear course of smaller attainable goals, which will lead to reaching the larger goal of self-sufficiency.  

To be eligible for Family Development Services, families must be at or below 125% of the current U. S. Poverty Guidelines and agree to up to a five year commitment to work toward becoming self-sufficient. Application for the Family Development Program can be completed at the Panhandle community Services Center.


1) What are the criteria to participate?

The only criterion is that your income be below 125% of the current U.S. poverty guidelines (roughly $30,000 for a family of four). We look for motivated and driven families who need a little support while they journey toward their desired future.

2) Do I have to be a single parent?

No. There are many different types of families: single mother families, single father families, two-parent families, single-parent & grandparent families, and grandparents raising their grandchildren. Our only stipulation is that household income is below 125% of the current U.S. poverty guidelines AND that the members of your family are motivated to move forward. 

3) Do I have to be in school?

No. There are many paths to self-sufficiency.

4) Can you help me if I don’t get financial aid?

Yes, while in the Family Development program we will work to help you repair your Financial Aid and begin school again.

5) What do you do for me?

The Family Development program is not a “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter approach”. A FD Specialist will listen to your family and your goals as well as look for gaps where we might be most helpful. YOU (and your family) are in the driver’s seat while we ride as a passenger to give you support, mentoring, and cheer leading as well as helping navigate obstacles when they appear.  We will also build relationships with your children and offer support in areas such as meeting with teachers/schools, ARDs, college/career planning, and whatever is specific to your child(ren) and family.

6) How long will you be my case manager?

The Family Development program is a long-term (3-5 year) program which focuses on meeting short and long term goals. This is not a crisis management program. If a family is continually in crisis, they are unable to focus on long-term future planning.

7) I qualify for SNAP, will I qualify for your program?

Our program operates independently of other programs. We will look at your income and determine if you are below 125% of the current U.S. poverty guidelines. Your family’s status with other programs/services will not impact whether you are accepted into Family Development.

8) If I am in your program will it help me get into other programs/services?

Again, we operate independently of other programs & services. While we can help you navigate applications and assistance from other programs, it does not help you qualify automatically for other programs. 


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