Panhandle Community Services’ Board of Directors

Community Action Agencies like Panhandle Community Services are required to have a tripartite board consisting of equal representation from the local low-income community as well as the private and public community sectors. This structure brings together community leaders from each group to develop responses to local needs.

So that all 26 Texas Panhandle counties are represented equitably, a low income representative, a public representative, and a private representative from each of five panhandle regions (see corresponding map) serves on the PCS Board of Directors. Low-income and public representatives are elected, while private representatives may be appointed by the PCS Board of Directors.

Board Meeting Minutes


Area One

Judge Rowdy Rhoades, Vice President, from Moore County

Public Sector Representative

Genevie Sheets-Allred, from Moore County

Private Sector Representative

Amy Taylor, Treasurer, from Potter County

Low-income Sector Representative

Area Two

Denese Skinner, Member at Large, from Randall County

Private Sector Representative

Judge Dan Looten, from Carson County

Public Sector Representative

Amanda Quillin

Low-Income Sector

Area Three

Judge Cindy Irwin, from Hutchinson County

Public Sector Representative

Tim Cooper, from Hansford County

Private Sector Representative

Lori Quiroz

Low-Income Sector

Area Four

Robert Coffee, from Collingsworth County

Low-income Representative

Aaron Lopez, President, from Carson County

Private Sector Representative

Area Five

Sheriff Randy Geries, Member at Large, from Parmer County

Public Sector Representative

JoAnne Cook, from Oldham County

Private Sector Representative

Ms. Lydia Villanueva, Secretary, from Deaf Smith County

Low-Income Representative