From Client to Director

April 14, 2021

"I drove a 1986 AMC Eagle.  It did not go in reverse.  It was a challenge when parking.  I promise you it was a big deal," said Audra Rea, Panhandle Community Services (PCS) Assistant Director for Family Development.  Rea was in Dumas recently to attend a ceremony marking the beginning of the process for finally building a new, permanent office in Dumas for PCS, the Panhandle's largest social service agency.  

Rea is no stranger to Dumas.  She is a 1994 graduate of Dumas High School.  She understands social services from both sides.  She once needed help from PCS, and now she is in a position to be the one providing help to others.  Her story about having to cope with an unreliable car is one many PCS clients can relate to.  It has become a metaphor for Rea's approach to life and her team's message to those they are helping:  "wont let you go backwards, have to keep pushing forward."

Rea had a baby in high school, a son she named Mathew.  And like many others, Rea found that raising a baby as a teenage girl in school was not easy.  "My family was supportive, but they were not going to make it easy enough for me that I forgot I was raising a child," said Rea.  CLICK HERE to read the full article. 

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