COVID-19 Support Program

Welcome to the Panhandle Community Services Online Application System. This site is reserved for those citizens that suffered a loss as result of the COVID-19 virus.

If you were not impacted by the COVID-19 virus but still need assistance, please contact us at (806) 372-2531 or (800) 676-4727 or your local Panhandle Community Service Center.

PCS COVID-19 Statement

Step One

Please read the directions carefully to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner.

Before beginning your application, please make sure you have the following documents. These documents must be uploaded to complete your application. If you need to locate any of these documents, please do so and come back to begin your application.

Income Documents

  • Any pay stubs for the last consecutive 30 days for everyone in the household 18 years or older
  • Unemployment notice (must specify due to COVID-19)
  • Termination/layoff letter from former employer(s) (must specify due to COVID-19)
  • Birth certificate for everyone in the household regardless of age (energy assistance only)
  • Governmental issued picture ID for adults, school or shot records for children under the age of 17 (energy assistance only)
  • Other household income from social security, social security disability SSI, unemployment insurance, veteran benefits, company disability insurance and any other income in your household
  • Medical documents showing COVID-19 diagnosis and/or instructions to quarantine
  • Social Security number for each household member

Service Documents Needed

  • Rental Assistance - Eviction notice or past due statement from your landlord
  • Mortgage Assistance  - Overdue statement from your mortgage lender
  • Electric or Gas Bill Assistance - Current bill or disconnection notice
  • Water, Trash or Sewer Bill Assistance - Overdue statement from your provider
  • Employment Training - Letter of acceptance by the training institution
  • Transportation Assistance - Letter from employer or medical provider
  • Household Goods and Services - PCS will request necessary documentation at application review
  • Prescription or Medical Expense - Notice from a medical provider

Once you have these documents, apply for help following the steps below:

If you need to complete the application in another language, please click on the tab “select language” in the top right-hand corner and select the language that meets your need.

Need to Scan Your Documents Using Your Smartphone?

If you need to scan your files, you can download Adobe Scan for FREE. For a tutorial showing how to use the app, click here.

Adobe Scan for iOS Adobe Scan for Android

Step Two

Set up your account and keep your username and password in a safe place for future reference. Panhandle Community Services will not maintain this information.

Step Three

Begin entering your household information, including facts on individual members in your home and your household income. Complete each page by clicking “save and next” to go the next page. Note the green bar at the top of the page, it will turn colors, to indicate that you have completed this page.

Step Four

Select the program(s) that best meet your needs. If you have a need not listed, please type your need and the reason why in the comment section and we will discuss the possibility of assisting you with that need, including referral to another organization.

Step Five

Upload all the household and service documents based on your needs. Please take a picture using your mobile phone, computer or other electronic device. You will need to select the blue file image and choose the image or file you wish to upload. Please make sure that documents are clear to read. If you cannot upload all your documents, we will help after the application is submitted to PCS.

Step Six

Please read and type in your initial. Click submit.

Expect a call or e-mail from Panhandle Community Services within 24 business hours. The purpose of this important contact will be to clarify information and documents. You will then be asked to come to the Service Center to sign a set documents that will allow us to process your request. Schedule 30 minutes for this appointment. Please understand the lack of documentation or communication may delay your application process.


If you have any questions about your application, please contact us at (806) 372-2531, (800) 676-4727 or your local Panhandle Community Service Center.

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