Earned Income Tax Credit

Every year families and individuals who have earned the income tax credit do not apply with their annual taxes.

The average Earned Income Tax Credit Refund in Texas in 2019 was $2,752.

The EITC is geared toward working people with low to moderate incomes, and for some families, it can offer as much as $6,728 in cold hard cash.

One out of every five eligible workers misses out on the EITC. Don’t let that be you.


The basics of qualifying for the EITC are:


You must file a tax return even if your income is low enough that it is not required. You may also go back to 2016 and request EITC for  previous years you qualified but did not request it.

Go to irs.gov for answers and complete information including a qualifier assistant app, call Melissa at (806) 372-2531 or email melissa.darsey@pcsvcs.org.